Jason Toth / Designer
Jason Toth / Designer

Hi. I'm Jason Toth.

Hi. I’m Jason Toth.

I lead design teams that help brands and organizations craft their story, shape experiences, and build products with a unique and purposeful vision.

I’ve spent the last 15 years in agencies and corporations making this happen as an user experience designer, professor, and architect.


Areas of Practice

Research and Testing

Evidence-based design and strategy through research and testing is the key foundation to design-led efforts. My approach values efficient and agile application of findings opposed to long documentation.


Optimizing design layouts, flows, and interaction patterns, help orient users within the broader design system. The macro/micro approach to design systems ensures users expectations are met with limited friction with the interface.


A strong design strategy sits at the intersection of business, consumer, and technology initiatives. I value collaboration and vision-setting with stakeholders and users to produce a creative digital product plan and approach.



Product design must balance immediate, executable needs and branding with a long-term understanding of a product’s vision. In particular, product journey-mapping, planning, and integration within the company’s ecosystem are key considerations.


Digital solutions are only as good as the content they keep. Content systems require a keen eye for how information is architected, organized, created, and managed—this speaks as much to the brand voice of a product as it does their navigable functionality.


Well-considered products and sites come alive and work in tandem with compelling visual communication. Creative execution leverages interactivity, attractive visuals, and animations to present compelling user cues and narratives.


I am intensely curious about the things which i see around me—and this curiosity, combined with a willingness to assume risks, has been responsible for such success and satisfaction as I have achieved in life.
— Clarence Birdseye